Travel & Location Rates

I absolutely love travelling! Nothing is more exciting to me than stepping of a plane to visit someone in a faraway city. I enjoy the sights, the sounds and the anticipation of a romantic venture.

Because of this, I am willing to personally invest in this travelling excursions to visit you in the cities listed below. In order to help reduce the cost of travel (flight, hotel, taxi etc.) and lessen the blow of both parties, a shared investment is listed. For each city I have calculated an appropriate amount that will help with the flight and hotel. I look forward to sharing that adventure with you!

ASIA  additional  200USD


EUROPE  additional  300USD

If you would like me to visit you in a city not specified above, I am more than happy to travel to you with all expenses paid (air-fare, taxi & hotel).


  • Cocktail Date (up to 2hrs.) - 550 SGD
  • Dinner Date (up to 4hrs.) - 700 SGD
  • Overnight (up to 12hrs.) - 1000 SGD
  • The DAY - 1,400 SGD
  • The WEEKEND - 2,300 SGD


  • Cocktail Date (up to 2hrs.) - 3,200 HKD
  • Dinner Date (up to 4hrs.) - 4,000 HKD
  • Overnight (up to 12hrs.) - 5,500 HKD
  • The DAY - 7,900 HKD
  • The WEEKEND - 13,300 HKD
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